Utah Graphic Design Services

Our graphic design artist specialize in brand development, logo design, print, web design and much more. All of our work is developed with brand recognition and corporate identity in mind. Our designs are unique and are designed to stand out from the crowd. Knowing how over saturated almost every market is with pushy advertising and marketing we strive to provide users with something that is subtle, calm and effective.

Logo Design

An organization's logo plays a very big role in corporate identity and brand recognition. A logo should be clean, simple and easy to remember. Extensive market research is needed to develop an effective logo. ProperMedia has an excellent track record for developing effective logos that produce results.

Print Design

Print design is much different then digital design, it takes a unique set of skills. ProperMedia has some of Utah's most talented print design specialist on staff. Whether your are looking for die cut logos or glossy gate foldable brochures we have it all. As one of Utah's leading advertising agencies we strive to provide all of our clients with a full set of high quality marketing materials.

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