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May 11, 2009

Internet Marketing Optimization Factors

Internet marketing has many different optimization factors because there are many different forms of internet marketing. I will list a few of the many forms of internet marketing and some of their optimization factors:

  • Search Engine Optimization
    • Keyword research - Do extensive keyword research. Come up with your top 5 keywords and then find their related keywords to build your content and site off of.
    • Link Building - Develop a strong and relevant link profile. You want to get as many related sites that rank well to link to your web site as you can. Remember relevance is very important when it comes to link building.
    • On page optimization - Develop a strong informational architecture. Make sure you have unique content and meta data on each and every page. Use the keywords from the first bullet to develop strong content and informational architecture.
  • Social Media Marketing
    • Sign up for all of the major social media sites. You can find a complete list at: You do not have to sign up for all 100 of course but sign up for as many as you can manage to keep up with. When using social media sites to drive traffic and gain recognition you need to become and active part of the community so do not open more accounts then you can handle.
  • Email Marketing
    • Setup a newsletter system on your web operations and an easy signup form with just the persons name and email so you can start collecting email addresses. Put together emails with special offerings that people just can not resist. Maybe setup some competitions or drawings and do not spam ever.

There's a few of the many internet marketing optimization factors needed for a successful internet marketing campaign. I hope this was informative enough.

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May 05, 2009

Internet Marketing Strategies and Solutions.

If you're looking for effective internet marketing strategies and solutions you may want to look into the following services:

  • Search Engine Optimization - The process on optimizing a web site for proper search engine placement. When optimizing a web site for search engines you need to keep informational architecture, clean code and context in mind.
  • Social Media Marketing - The process of promoting a web site and operation through Social Media sites such as You Tube, Flickr and Digg.
  • Pay Per Click Management - The process of managing pay per click account setup on major search engines such as Google.The way pay per click works is the search engine will place a link to your site at the top of their listings for certain terms and you "Pay Per Click". When listings and landing pages are properly optimized you can gain maximum exposure for the least amount possible.
  • Email Marketing Campaigns - Email addresses are collected for users interested in your products, services or information and effective email blasts are constructed and executed.

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